What About Suicide?

The following article is an excerpt from an unpublished book about Heaven and its wonders. It contains messages from Jesus and the departed, received in prophecy over the last 10 years. This particular chapter answers questions about the issue of suicide.

It is our hope that these messages will be a comfort to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one through suicide. (Any messages from Jesus are clearly marked, and all other excerpts are from individuals who passed on through suicide.)

What About Suicide?

Those who have had a loved one commit suicide often agonize over whether their loved one is in Heaven or will ever go there. You might wonder whether God allows people who take their own life to enter Heaven. If so, does He consider suicide a sin, and do those who die this way have to undergo some type of punishment or rehabilitation? The following messages from Jesus, and some from people who died by their own hand, give some insight into the subject and answers to the above questions.

* * *

(Jesus:) Those who choose to take their own life will have to learn and grow and pass many tests, and this healing will require a good amount of time. I wish no man would ever take his own life, for there is an appointed time for each one to die, and only I know this time.

I am a God of love and mercy and understanding. Even suicide, I forgive. As sad as it makes Me that someone would throw away the gift of life that I have given, that they would take into their hands that which is not theirs to control, that they would give up on the life that they could have, still, I forgive them if after they arrive here in Heaven they ask for forgiveness.

It is a sin, but I took the punishment for your sins when I died on the cross. I have the power to forgive your sins. And so, those who take their own life, though they do not receive the reward that they could have had, I welcome them nonetheless if they have received Me; and those who have not yet had sufficient opportunity while on Earth are given a chance at the time of their death to receive My love and forgiveness and gift of salvation.

Although they have much to learn, and they often have to pick up in Heaven right where they left off on Earth in learning the things which I have for them, still I love them and care for them, and I will forgive them if they ask Me.

Those who are hard and unrepentant must carry the burden of their sin with them. But those who acknowledge their sin and seek My forgiveness are forgiven, though they must often learn the hard way and go through some special training and rehabilitation.

* * *

Because I had arrived in Heaven prematurely, I still had things I needed to learn and experience. I was not yet ready for what the Lord had intended for me in His Heavenly Kingdom. So I spent time in a type of a school.

This school is a combination of a support group and counseling sessions--it's rehabilitation. There were others there, like me, who had also taken their own lives and who also were not yet ready for the full joy and reward of Heaven. We each had a counselor assigned to us, most of whom had either committed suicide themselves and already gone through their rehabilitation, or ones who had a loved one or someone close to them who did so.

In either case, they first walked us through the pain we had caused others. They helped us to see it from their end. Then they showed us all the scenes of what our lives could have been like if we had stayed on Earth, if we had stuck it out. They showed us the people we could have helped, the happiness we could have had and could have brought to others, the love that could have been in our lives, and the satisfaction and reward we'd have had at the end, if only we wouldn't have made that fatal choice.

They showed us how the lives of our loved ones had changed, and the vacancy that was there, because we weren't meant to be gone so soon. It was really, really sad, and we had to spend some time in sorrow and remorse in order to fully learn our lessons. But once we had repented and were ready for forgiveness, the Lord gave it to us freely, and then He washed away the hurts and grief of our past and gave us a new start.

Another part of our training at the school was learning to help others on Earth who are tempted to commit suicide--help them not to do it. We had to learn a bit about the way things operate, how we could influence others from this realm, and then we each received assignments to help others. These assignments had two purposes: one was to help us complete our training and understanding, and the other was to try and save others from ending their lives prematurely.

Even after graduating from this school and training, some of us continue with this calling. We do what we can to influence the minds and hearts of those who are weak or wavering, and to encourage them to continue on with their lives, to put their trust in God, to let go of fear and hate, to embrace love and hope and the things that are good in life. We try to encourage them and plant thoughts of hopefulness and joy in their minds and hearts, to help them see that life is worth living. We aren't always successful, but we try.

* * *

You certainly wouldn't want to come here to the spiritual realm prematurely; you wouldn't be ready. You wouldn't know the things that you need to know. You wouldn't be the person that you need to be.

* * *

When I got here to Heaven, I had to suffer the consequences of my decision. Actually, I was a bit surprised that I'd even made it to Heaven, but I did. That's the good news, that even if you do cut your life short, if you believe in Jesus you still make it to Heaven. The bad news is that you lose whatever rewards would have been yours from the time you were meant to live on Earth, and you have to spend quite a bit of time learning the lessons that you should have learned on Earth.

God lets you carry that burden of guilt for a while, as your punishment for not having trusted Him enough to live your life out to the full, for not letting Him take you in His time. You decided when to quit on your own, when that's a decision that you should leave in God's hands. So He's not too pleased. He wasn't too pleased with me, and it's not a very nice feeling to know that God isn't too pleased with you. I knew that He still loved me, and I knew that He was going to forgive me, but I also knew He was unhappy with my decision.

So it was a very difficult time, and it lasted a very long time. It seemed like an eternity! Up here, time is different, so it can't be measured in days or months or years, but it did seem like an eternity to me. At times, I wondered if it was ever going to end, if I was ever going to find the complete peace in my heart that I needed, that I wanted. I did have a measure of happiness and a measure of peace from being in this wonderful place and being around wonderful people, but I wasn't allowed to enjoy it to the full. I had to carry this burden with me, and I wasn't able to throw it off.

I had to live with regrets. I had to live with some sorrow. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for anyone! If I was back on Earth again in the same state that I was in before, I wouldn't have wished for my life to end like that. I wouldn't have taken the easy way out, because it looks like the easy way out, but you find out that it's not. The easy way out is to ask God for help, to call out to Him.

I know He could have helped me find a better way out of my problems, because upon arrival here I was able to see what would have happened in my life if I'd only made the right decision not to end it prematurely. God let me see how He could have helped me. There was another solution; there were other answers.

Then the time came when I think I'd finally learned my lesson, and I guess God knew that I'd suffered enough, that my punishment had been enough, so He let me cast off the burden. He took my burden away, and I was then able to enjoy complete freedom, joy and happiness! Instead of only a measure of it, I was able to have it to the full, and it was such a wonderful feeling of release! The guilt, the remorse, the sadness were gone forever!

But the period before that was a very difficult one, and I wouldn't want to have to go through that again. It was like being so close to something, so close to attaining your dream, and yet it was still beyond reach! I was in Heaven, and all the pleasures and rapturous joy and the excitement and the love were right there in front of me; I could see them, but I was not able to fully experience them.

It was very difficult and very frustrating. God has given us the power to make our own decisions, to choose between right and wrong. But there's one decision that's reserved for Him, and that's the decision of when our time on Earth is done. It's best not to make that decision yourself, or believe me, you will regret it, as I did.

* * *

(Jesus:) Those who commit suicide come here before they are meant to be here. In that way, they not only miss out on the blessings and rewards that would have been theirs for their fight and endurance and victories on Earth, but they also have a long while to wait up here, without great happiness and complete freedom. Yes, I still love them, and they do not lose their place in Heaven. But they do not fully experience the happiness and joy and peace that was destined to be theirs, at least not for a long while. They have to struggle with tests and battles, they make slower progress for they are not in My perfect will for them, and they see the sadness and the loss that they have caused through taking their own life.

If you come to Heaven early, through suicide, there are things which you will never learn here as well as I planned for you to learn them on Earth; in that way, you will always be behind, or lacking that experience. You can learn through watching others, but having that experience yourself, and the wisdom and endurance and faith and gifts that those experiences bring, will not be yours to the same degree. That is a great loss.

In some ways the things you must learn in Heaven when you take your own life are just as difficult as the trials on Earth--only they take longer, and there is no escaping from them.

* * *

(Jesus speaking to the parents of a young man who committed suicide:) Even though he is here in Heaven, Heaven is not yet within him, for he had been rejecting Me and My Spirit for so long. His spirit is hardened against Mine, so even though he is here as one of My children, it will take time for his spirit to be softened and become receptive to My Spirit. It will be a process of forsaking his pride, a process of accepting My forgiveness, a process of coming to full grips with the decisions he made and seeing the repercussions of them.

At this point he would prefer to pay for his sins than to accept My forgiveness, for he has been so in the habit of yielding to his pride. But My love will not let go. My love surrounds him, and has surrounded him from the first moment.

It's as if he is unable to open his eyes just yet, for the contrast of the brilliant light around him is so stark compared to the darkness he was surrounded by on Earth. But in time he will be softened, and he will accept My forgiveness, and at that point his spirit will be able to start growing. It had been poisoned and shriveled through his wrong choices and yielding to the dark side, but the light of My love will now surround and water and nurture him, and he will once again blossom.

* * *

I know now that Jesus still loves me. But if you come here before your time, things are not exactly the way they would have been had you come in the Lord's time. Nevertheless, I know now that the love of God is for real, the kingdom of God is for real, and Jesus' forgiveness is for real. Even if we take the precious life that He gave us, He still loves us, accepts us and receives us. It's unbelievable! After the condemnation I fought and the depths of despair that I had fallen into, I could hardly believe that I could be so loved in the kingdom of God.

* * *

(Jesus:) One day your loved one's spirit will be made completely anew. He will be humble and contrite in spirit, and he will receive rewards for the good in his life, the times when he allowed My Spirit and love to flow through him, for the years when he let Me lead and direct his life. I have not forgotten the good of his life, and I will reward him accordingly. But before that time he must be purged, his spirit must be whitened, and his mind must be rewired. I must create a new heart within him, replacing the stony heart with one of flesh, one that has been softened by the kneading of My hand. He would not accept the molding and loving reshaping of his heart while he was on Earth, and he now has another chance. But in Heaven the process is slower, more painful, for the path of being broken and remade up here is marked with shame and remorse.

But there is happiness and life at the end of this path for those who choose to be broken, who choose to be humbled and brought low by My hand. This one will laboriously tread this path, and he will be brought low, but it is when he has fallen to his knees in utter hopelessness and desperation that he will find My hand of mercy reaching out to him. My love and compassion and forgiveness will envelope him, and his pain and regret will be washed away. The prodigal son will have returned to Me, his Father. Though lowly and humbled, he will rejoice to know that he has been received into My arms once again.

* * *

You could hardly imagine the immense feeling of disappointment and remorse that I felt when I came to this side at my own hand. I arrived in Heaven and found forgiveness, but oh, how I wish that I would've had the faith to hold on through the dark times of life rather than giving it up.

I was in so much torment of spirit, my heart was broken, my business was ruined, my reputation marred, and I felt I had no reason to go on. I felt that the only way to escape was to end it all. I believed in Heaven and the afterlife, and I thought nothing could be worse than the life I was living. But I was wrong. Coming here the way I did didn't bring the relief that I thought it would. I realized only too late that there was no way back. It was finished, my life was over, and I wouldn't have a chance to do the things I was destined to do. I realized as soon as I got here that there could have been so much more. There could have been a way out, there was hope, there was a new start waiting for me on Earth, if I'd only held on a bit longer.

* * *

(Jesus:) This present life on Earth is for a reason. There are lessons to be learned to prepare you for Heaven, and it is wiser and best to live your life through to its end on Earth in order to be prepared and learn what you need to learn before your arrival in Heaven. I know when it is best for your life to end on Earth, when you have learned what I want you to learn and when you are prepared for the next stage of life. It is different for every person, and those who really want to please Me will leave that decision in My hands.

You who are tempted to end your life because of the problems and difficulties you face and go on to Heaven where it is more beautiful and where things are not as difficult, must know that that is not always the case. Although Heaven does have many more beauties and glories, and you will be free from the pain and suffering as you know it now in your earthly life, if you do end your life prematurely you still have to face the consequences of having done so once you get to Heaven. You will still have to learn the lessons which I want you to learn. You will still have to face the sorrow and pain and suffering you have caused your relatives and friends and loved ones.

I want you to know of your eternal reward of Heaven, but this reward can only be enjoyed to the fullest and received with faith when your passing is left completely up to Me and in My hands. It is not a decision which man should make through his own natural reasoning; and if he yields to the temptation to take his own life, he will still need to learn the lessons where he left off in his earthly life--lessons of trust in Me.