Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

The things we most appreciated

By Lorie (29)

Shortly before Pete and Nicole (Elixcia) left our Home to move to the mission field, we had an appreciation party for them. For the occasion, people in our Home wrote up some short paragraphs expressing how we felt about them, which we then either read or put into a card--I don't remember which. Since I had organized that party, and since I'm a file packrat and keep everything, I just now remembered and dug up what we had to say at that time about Pete and the things we appreciated and would miss about him--

About Pete:

-- Pete's probably one of the most dependable people I have met. Whenever you need something you can count on him to take care of it. It's a great quality to have. And he's a friend that will be missed greatly and that could never be replaced. Thanks for all you've added to our Home. We're sure gonna miss you, Pete, but our hearts and our prayers go with you and I pray that this year brings the fulfillment of many of your aspirations and dreams. It's been great knowing you.

-- I find that Pete is a particularly aware person. He seems to be always looking for the need and not just considering it, but acting upon it as well. When I think of someone who puts his heart into what he does, I usually think of Pete.

-- Pete is unassuming and polite when people are expressing their opinions and ideas, at least when he is around me, ha! I find that a very good quality in him. He is often willing to try it your way, or very gently offer an alternative suggestion, which, by the way, is usually very good and prayerfully presented. Pete is also willing to sacrifice his own time and strength to help others. I'll miss him.

-- Both Pete and Nicole are very sweet about trying to find special things that you need while out shopping. That can't be easy. But they've done it so cheerfully and sweetly, and often will just keep trying until they find what you need--or at least something to try for a substitute, ha!

-- I appreciate Pete and Nicole as friends. We've had some very happy times together--talking, cooking, picnics, cards, beer, dancing, home improvements, etc. and I'm really going to miss them.

-- One thing that always stands out to me about Pete is that he's very much a gentleman in his interactions with others--kind, courteous, and well-mannered.

-- Pete has impressed me with his consideration. I've been touched on several occasions to be a recipient of his outgoing concern, or see it in action towards others, and to find out how observant and even intuitive he is. He goes to the trouble of finding out what someone likes or dislikes, and then aims to please.

-- Pete was always very willing to stop whatever he might be doing to drive me to the chiropractor or do whatever else needed to be done at a moment's notice. He's a really great guy, very loving and giving.

-- There aren't too many people who will do anything for anybody at anytime. Pete is one of those people, and it shows that it comes from his love and concern for others. I'm just amazed at his cheerful willingness, without hesitation, to drop whatever he's doing--whether he's just about to eat his meal, or is in the middle of some consuming handyman job--to meet a timely need or to be of aid to some "damsel in distress." This is a rare gift, and something about Pete that I'll always appreciate and remember.

-- There are a lot of things I admire about Pete--the most outstanding of which is his love for others and his willingness to serve and give to everyone around him. But since I'm sure everyone is going to mention this, and I'll wholeheartedly agree with them all, I tried to think of something a little different that I'm thankful for: I appreciate the fact that he's almost always clean, well-dressed, and attractive (except when he's doing dirty handyman jobs). I think it shows a lot of love to those that you live with when you make an effort to look decent, dress well, and keep clean, and it tells me a lot about someone when they care enough about others to do so. It's only a little thing, but it makes a big difference!

-- What I really appreciate about both Pete and Nicole is that they are both always so willing to do anything and lend a hand in moments of need. They usually don't forget things you've asked them and are always faithful to come through for you.

-- I love it when Pete prays out loud. It's so sincere and wholehearted. I also love it when he reads out loud at devotions, etc. It makes it so easy for me to follow and really grabs my attention.

-- Pete is someone that you can always count on, and that means a lot. One thing I appreciate about Pete and Nicole is their willingness to do whatever's needed. They also are a lot of fun, and have added a lot to our Home in that respect. I will miss them very much!

-- I consider Pete to be one of the most gentle, considerate, and helpful people I know. It convicts me when I see that he's willing to work such long hours, quietly and faithfully, with little fanfare, to make our Home a safer, happier, more comfortable place. I don't know what we'll do without him! Also, I believe the Lord has given Pete the "gift of prayer," as when he prays in public I often feel that my faith in the Lord's promises and Word is brought into greater focus. The Lord often gives him clarity to express in prayer what I know I'm feeling inside, but sometimes can't find the words to say. Pete is a real gentleman--kind and affectionate and aware of the needs of others around him. He really knows how to make you feel loved and appreciated.

-- He's very giving, and has a lot of love and concern for people. He's always willing to help, and he'll often go out of his way to make sure that people are happy and that their needs are met. He has a way of making people feel loved and appreciated. When he makes shelves for people or desks or whatever, he puts his heart into it and does a good job, and it makes people feel loved and "special,"? because he takes such good care of them. That's one thing about Pete, he's wholehearted, so whatever he does, he does with his whole heart.

He's also very trustworthy and dependable, if you give him a project to do, you don't have to worry, you know he's going to do it and do it well. He's very responsible. I'm really going to miss him!

--I like Pete's love for the Word, and the way he enjoys studying the Bible. His determination to persevere day after day, tackling difficult tasks, is so very admirable.

--Things I appreciate and love about Pete:
Gentle nature.
Super BBQ cook.
Loving spirit.
Smile and laugh.
Beautiful eyes.
Sincere prayers.
(End of comments from Pete's going away party.)

P.S. I also just remembered that for my birthday (1998 or 1999, I'm not sure which), Pete and Nicole had given me a birthday card that meant a lot to me, and which I still have--well, I keep most cards or notes from friends. I was starting to get pretty close to both of them at the time, and what Pete said really encouraged me. It made me feel understood, valued, and somehow gave me more faith for myself and faith that others could love me and that I could be a blessing to them, as I was quite negative about myself at the time.

Note from Pete:
Dear Lorie,

I appreciate you a lot! You're almost always cheerful and friendly and make me feel so loved by saying "hi"? to me more than most people.

Your opinion is very valuable to me as the Lord has blessed you with a discerning and for the most part logical mind, and thus it is a pleasure to hear you speak.

I've noticed that you're even more loving and kind now and I can see it's the result of saying "yes"? to Jesus and yielding to His will in your life. You're a good sample to me of someone who in many ways has a strong personality, but is willing to lay aside some negative aspects of that/those strengths, to become more like what the Lord wants you to be.

My prayer for you is that the Lord will continue to help you build upon the logical powers of reason that He has gifted you with, while at the same time helping you to in many ways become weaker in yourself, to let Him shine through completely.

Also that you'll learn and understand more about people, as I can see that with your friendly, outgoing nature, along with the beautiful gift of prophecy the Lord's given you, your obvious desire to learn and grow, your knowledge of the Word and above-mentioned mental talents and your warm and loving spirit, the Lord could really use you to help a lot of people in the future.

With lots of love, Pete

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