Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

My friendship with Pete

By Beth (31)

I knew Pete off and on from the time I was six. I interacted with him as a child and young teen when I visited his home for extended periods, at the ages of 10, 12, and 14. The time when I got to know him the best, however, was between the ages of 17 and 19, when I lived in Canada, in the same city. For three years, pretty much every month, I and my friend Chalsey, the other teen in my Home, would meet and visit with Pete and Techi.

Pete's parents arranged it so that we could fellowship and have activities together monthly. Once a month, they would arrange a long weekend where usually my dad, Peter, and Amy, and later Gabe and Amy, would take the four of us young people camping, or on some outing, or to some special place.

Pete and I grew very close in those years. We were best friends. In the course of three years, we did a lot of fun things. We went salmon fishing once. We took the ferry to Victoria Island, camped there, and visited Buchard Gardens. We went to various fairs and festivals. We went on long hikes in various places. We would camp out in the beautiful mountains by lakes, and swim and have fun. We'd go canoeing. We'd bring bikes along, and Pete and I would go off on bike rides in the area. We had various seminars on such things as improving memory and speed reading.

In the span of those three years that we would get together monthly, we also were able to do some witnessing, which was great fun. We had put together a small singing team. Pete and I would play the guitar, and we'd all sing. We went to various old folks' homes, and we also went port witnessing, singing to the sailors on the ships at anchor in the harbor, and doing personal witnessing afterwards.

These trips and the times we all spent together were the highlight of my life during those years.

Pete and I were very close in those days and shared a lot of the same interests, especially music, which we'd listen to together and talk about in great detail. We hung out together and he really filled the need I had for friendship in my life at that time, and I like to think I did the same with him. We enjoyed each other's company a whole lot.

We'd write each other notes throughout the month and kept in contact until our next camping trip. We'd pass music back and forth between us. We were best friends.

On these trips we'd have Word time in the morning all together and we'd often have impromptu discussions around the campfire or over dinner at night. Covering all manner of topics, discussing theological issues, moral issues, or just laughing and having fun telling stories about our life or funny things that had happened to us in the month since we'd seen each other. Or we'd play board games or huddle around in the camper for a movie if it was too cold outside.

Whenever I saw him, Pete would talk happily and in great detail about his interests at Home, the huge garden he and my dad had and the progress they were making, his pets and animals on the farm, his interest in electronics and the courses that he was taking.

Pete and I went to driving school, and learned how to drive together. My dad took us both to get our licenses in Seattle. He let us both drive all the way there so we could gain additional experience—and, bless him, I'm sure it gave him a few gray hairs.

Pete and I would often stay up late into the night after everyone had gone to bed talking in great detail often about the Endtime or the future, something that Pete was very into at the time.

Those trips and the friendship I had with Pete and the time we spent together is something I look back on with very happy memories of my youth. He was a big part of my life at that time and he helped me a lot. I can't imagine what my life would have been like through those teenage years without his friendship. It meant a whole lot to me.

Then came the day when they all moved away from the city and our interaction came to an end. It was a very heartbreaking day for me, as I had by that time fallen in love with Pete and loved him very dearly.

He and Techi came by our house to say goodbye before they left and it was a sweet, but very sad parting. Pete was very tender and concerned that I was so sad he was leaving. As a parting gift he gave me a tape that he'd put together—a compilation of some of his favorite songs. And I gave him one of my current favorite tapes.

We continued to write each other and maintained our friendship, even though it was long distance.

A year later when I saw Pete again, our interaction then got a bit complicated due to the fact that I had developed feelings for him and as far as he was concerned, we were still just best friends. However, after a short period of difficulty, we became friends again, and every time I saw him after that, we still had a good connect and always ended up having at least one, good, long conversation. It was something I looked forward to.

I was happy to see him get together with Nicole (Elixcia) and he was very supportive of me when I got pregnant and had my daughter, which I always really appreciated. He was a good friend. He was someone who was there for you and very loyal in his friendship.

Pete was truly a wonderful man in so many ways. He had so much going for him. I'm sad that he's gone, but I am comforted to know that he is now in a better place.

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