Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

He was an ideal student

By Adam

I knew Pete off and on when he was growing up. One year we even built a house together in the Philippines, Pete, his dad, and I. We basically transformed a large two or three room hut into a seven-bedroom house. It took us eleven months to do it, but we did it. We spent many hours a day together that year as we worked on that house, so we did grow close to each other.

Pete was only about eleven or twelve at that time and could only help us part time after his schooling etc., but nevertheless he was a real good worker and pressed in till he got the job done. He had a lot of potential in the field of carpentry, I thought. Of course, at such a young age he still was just learning the basics, but he was always very attentive and was a quick learner. He was also very cheerful and likeable.

Several years later, while we didn’t live in the same Home, we lived in the same city. He was a teen by then. During this time we were able to take a college-level course on electronics, along with some others. I remember the teacher mentioning how impressed he was with the enthusiasm of this young lad. He was used to teaching college students who must not have shown the same keenness. He said he was also impressed with his grasp and understanding of electronics.

Pete was always wanting to learn more about electronics, so it was fun for me to teach him more about that, how to fix things like tape recorders, etc. I taught him much of what I knew about electronics and carpentry, and from a teacher's point of view, he was an ideal student. It’s always very inspiring to have a student like him, one who is so enthusiastic and really wants to learn.

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