Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

He prayed beautiful prayers

By Misty

While I lived with Pete for a number of years, I didn't know him super well. He was a man of few words; he was rather private. But the things that stand out to me about those four years we lived together were the following:

Pete was a real gentleman. He was gentle and respectful of women, opening doors for you, carrying things for you, generally being very helpful and sweet.

Pete had a glory in the ministries he had, and he did them well, thoroughly, and faithfully. He didn't complain. He didn't act "bugged"? if you needed some kind of handyman help, and during particularly busy times such as moves, he worked overtime cheerfully.

He was very well adjusted, well mannered, smart, had a good personality, was good looking and well groomed, knew how to get along with people and treat people well.

I went on a one-week road trip with him when we lived in Portugal. He was not accustomed to witnessing, especially personal witnessing. We all know how difficult it can be to start up a personal witnessing conversation, but he did well, even amongst rich, well-educated university students. He was happy witnessing, and eager to learn more.

He and Nicole (Elixcia) would sometimes have long dinners with Mama, especially when we lived in southern Portugal. They would talk for hours. He seemed pretty happy about that. From my observation, he didn't seem particularly close to his mother, not like he confided in her a lot or actively sought out her company as some kids do, but he had what I'd call an average relationship of mother-son, and he obviously was concerned about her and it seemed pretty clear, at least to me, that he loved her. I saw Pete do special things for his mother, and I saw some of the many things she did to show her love to him as well.

Pete was very careful and prayerful about things. The training he had gotten from his dad was obvious, as whenever he would do handyman, he didn't take risks or do stupid things. For example, he would wear eye goggles or have a spotter when climbing a ladder. Things like that. He was also one of the best drivers I have ever seen. He was very prayerful and deliberate. He had been taught well, and he didn't slough off the rules. I felt safe with him driving. I thought that was one of the ways he manifested his love for others; he didn't want to hurt anyone when driving, he felt responsible, and took that responsibility seriously.

Pete was an exceptional reader. When he read the Word aloud, a special anointing would come over him, and you felt he really had a foundation in the Spirit. And the same when he prayed. He prayed beautiful prayers, he really connected with the Lord, and it was moving to hear him pray. There was depth there when he was yielded to the Lord and following closely.

When he left our Home, he really wanted to be a missionary. He seemed sincere in his efforts. He and Nicole wanted to go to Venezuela, and we spent a long time talking about the field there, since I had lived there. He wanted to learn Spanish, which Nicole already spoke. They talked about wanting to help the poor and spend their time witnessing. They had great hopes, and we had a nice celebration for them before they left. We considered them missionaries from our Home; they left on good terms, happy terms.

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