Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

You could count on him

By Francis (35)

Pete and I lived together for a couple of years, and we also went on a memorable three-month trip together to visit all the Family Homes in Russia—prior to the first time he moved to the mission field. Pete and I got along pretty well—he was a likeable guy and I think both being Aquarians and similar in some ways, we understood each other pretty well. We'd have interesting discussions, including fun theological debates, and he was someone I enjoyed talking to.

We spent a lot of time together, especially on that trip, and I could see in him a desire to really do something for the Lord and help others in their service for Him. He definitely had that vision, and went out of his way to be of service to others. I admired that in him.

It was difficult for Pete to have to be "Davidito" and this is a burden he carried, because of course wherever he went people would look up to him and expect more of him. I could see that he very much wanted to shed that.

One nice thing about Pete is that you could count on him whenever you needed help with something—he was always "there" and very solid in that respect, often sacrificing of his time to help others. We had some good times together, and I truly missed him and Nicole (Elixcia) when they left our Home.

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