Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

He had such a cheerful, bright, uplifting and happy spirit

By Michael

I didn’t meet Pete very many times but the few times I did I really liked him a lot. He seemed to be a very special boy, bright, light-hearted, and the quality that probably affected me the most was his love toward people, his tendency to try to uplift and encourage others. Rather than being a spoiled child or a child with his nose in the air toward others, I found him to be one who wanted to help and encourage those around him.

One of the first times I met Pete was about 1982. I’m not sure how old he was, but he must have been about six or seven. I remember he wanted me to play a type of pool with him. What he did was take a piece of string and made a big circle with it on the floor. Then he took all these marbles and scattered them all over the living room. We each had a small pool stick, carom sticks, and then we would take turns trying to hit a marble into the circle. Here I was 36 years old, lying on the floor playing the marble pool game with Pete. He had a cheerful, bright, uplifting and happy spirit, and he was just thrilled to play with me too.

Many years later around 2000 I met Pete again. He was doing handyman work in the Home in Portugal. I saw him briefly as he came into my room to repair something for me. Again I noticed this same congenial, amiable spirit in the way he related to me, going out of his way to be nice and to be giving to me. He manifested to me a very loving, sacrificial, and giving attitude. He seemed like a very soft person to me, very sweet and loving.

Those are about the extent of my experiences with him. But all I can say is that in my experience I found him to be loving, sweet, and humble.—Extra loving I’d say in his willingness to help and to make people feel accepted. I have a great love for him.

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