Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

He was kind, thoughtful of others and helpful

By Natasha

When I first met Pete, he and Techi had come to visit the kids in our Family Home. One thing that stood out to me was how thoughtful and kind he was to Techi and the children. When they were playing a game together he preferred her and the others to himself. I thought that he and his sister would be quite familiar with each other, but they weren't. They were kind and thoughtful, and that made quite an impression on me. I even used their sample of loving behavior as an example to the children of what we should all be like.

A few years later I met Pete again in another Family Home. He was quite a few years older so I wondered if he would be different, but he wasn't. He was still kind, thoughtful of others, and helpful. On one occasion I was doing dishes and I was tired, and he came along unexpectedly and told me he'd finish up. There were other occasions very similar to this when Pete cheerfully came to my aid, which made me admire him.

Another thing I liked about Pete was that I didn't feel there was any generation gap at all; each time we'd talk I felt like we were peers.

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