Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

My happy memories

By Gabe

I first met Pete in November 1981. He was a bubbly, happy child. I was with him much of his life growing up. I would say that most of our interaction was positive. I think one of the happiest times that we both experienced together was when we would go on long 30 to 40 kilometer bike rides together in Japan. We would wake up early on Sunday morning and go on these long, all-day bike rides, which included going swimming in the ocean.

Another of my happy memories was when we lived on the farm. We had 14 different species of animals and there were many happy times caring for the animals. At that time, we also took several camping trips, which were real highlights.

In his younger years, Pete had a kind and sensitive heart. Although he didn't always have a positive reaction, if he felt he had hurt or offended anyone, in time he would try to mend or correct any misunderstandings.

In his final years with us, I remember him being very responsible and dependable. He carried a big load in the Home. He did handyman work and took his responsibility seriously.

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