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I’m saddened that I lost the Pete that I used to know

By Amy

Pete was my friend. My memories of him are without number.--So many happy times during his childhood when we took him camping, fishing, skating, playing baseball, soccer, golf, swimming, bonfires every Friday night in the backyard, raising animals on our farm.

Pete was persistent and persevering with things he really wanted to do. For example, he had a pony, and was able to train that stubborn pony to obey commands and be ridden. It took time, persistence, and a lot of patience, but Pete really loved that pony and gentled it into a pony he could ride. He had a part of him that loved the simple things like animals and taking care of them, life on the farm, gardening, raising livestock, and he had a gift for these things. He even became the resident veterinarian on our little hobby farm for a few years.

One thing about Pete was that he was always really quick to apologize. If he knew he’d hurt you, or had done something wrong, he was quite quick to come and say he was sorry, which is a trait that I really admired in him.

As he grew older, my memories were of an adventurous young man, who got to travel a lot and see new countries, do new things, and among those memories is the three months that we traveled together to Russia. This was a huge trip, but a lot of fun, and we met most of the Family members in Russia. Pete was very sweet and he seemed to find it easy to relate to people at all levels and ages. He was charming and had a big and beautiful smile that could light up his whole face and cheer anyone he talked to. He was wise beyond his years and had a lot of insight into people and could often read them well.

Pete, I’ll miss you, but I know you’re happier where you are. I’m saddened that I lost the Pete that I knew and loved.

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