Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

I’m happy that one day I will see you again in Heaven

By Viv

I had the pleasure of living in the same Family Home as Pete for five years. During his early teen years, I was impressed with how kind and respectful he was to his mother and his father. He was so gentle with them and soft spoken. And his sister, well, he loved her to pieces. You could tell that Pete loved his family very much, and that they loved him. I didn’t have such a warm relationship with my family, so I was a little envious.

When I met his girlfriend, Nicole (Elixcia), who later became his wife, again I was impressed with how gentle and patient he was with her. He really took care of her. I remember times they would fool around together, him teasing her or chasing her around the house, and they both would be laughing. They seemed to have so much fun together and enjoy each other. They were a very sweet couple and seemed to be a match made in Heaven. I still picture them together, his arm around her.

Pete, I’m happy that one day I will see you again in Heaven, myself and all of your friends and family who will miss you very much.

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