Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

I only think of the good

By Techi (26)

I feel blessed that my memories of Pete are wonderful ones. When I think of my brother, I think of someone who the Lord gave me to be part of my life, as a precious gift. As a brother, he was probably one of the best. Though he was much older than me, and very easily could have ignored or picked on his annoying little sister, he went out of his way to include me in almost everything he did. To talk to me and ask me about how I was, how things were going in my life. He showed care and concern when things were rough for me. And during my pre-teen years especially, he helped me a lot. He made sure that I was never lonely or left out, and I felt that he genuinely liked me and wanted my company. That's one of the nicest things he did for me.

When I think of my brother, I only think of the good. And the good person he really was inside. He loved the Lord, he loved our parents, he loved the Word, he loved others, he loved me. He, above anything else, is God's child. And God loves him and forgives him for becoming a different person, and so do I.

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