Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez

Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

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Wonderful Memories

By Peter Amsterdam

I have a lot of happy memories of Pete—experiences, things we did together, conversations I had with him, and the way I saw him interact with his friends and family. I have a lot of wonderful and happy remembrances stacked up from the nearly 20... (read more)

I only think of the good

By Techi (26)

I feel blessed that my memories of Pete are wonderful ones. When I think of my brother, I think of someone who the Lord gave me to be part of my life, as a precious gift. As a brother, he was probably one of the best. Though he was much older than... (read more)

My friendship with Pete

By Beth (31)

I knew Pete off and on from the time I was six. I interacted with him as a child and young teen when I visited his home for extended periods, at the ages of 10, 12, and 14. The time when I got to know him the best, however, was between the ages of... (read more)

The hardest thing to believe

By Rose

I think one of the hardest things for me to be able to believe and accept is what Pete did to Angela, because when I knew him he had a very beautiful heart full of the Lord’s love. What I knew about him was that he was one of the most caring and... (read more)

I’m happy that one day I will see you again in Heaven

By Viv

I had the pleasure of living in the same Family Home as Pete for five years. During his early teen years, I was impressed with how kind and respectful he was to his mother and his father. He was so gentle with them and soft spoken. And his sister,... (read more)

He was caring and thoughtful

By Shelley

I didn’t have so much daily interaction with Pete, but I lived in the same Family Home with him for a while. During the time he was there, he was polite, kind, and friendly toward me. He was caring and thoughtful. We got along well and I liked him.... (read more)

I’m saddened that I lost the Pete that I used to know

By Amy

Pete was my friend. My memories of him are without number.--So many happy times during his childhood when we took him camping, fishing, skating, playing baseball, soccer, golf, swimming, bonfires every Friday night in the backyard, raising animals on... (read more)

My happy memories

By Gabe

I first met Pete in November 1981. He was a bubbly, happy child. I was with him much of his life growing up. I would say that most of our interaction was positive. I think one of the happiest times that we both experienced together was when we would... (read more)

He had a beautiful smile

By Mandy

I didn’t know Pete very well, but the brief time I lived with him he was very kind and considerate. He had a beautiful smile. And the thing that impressed me about him the most was the way he prayed. He prayed beautiful prayers. (read more)

The one thing that stood out to me more than anything else …

By Kevin (31)

I only knew Pete for a short time (a number of years ago) and got along with him well. The one thing that stood out to me more than anything else was his ability to pray deep, heart-felt, eloquent prayers. His prayers were a good sample to me of... (read more)

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