Memories of Ricky Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez

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He was a great friend

By Steffi

When I first met Pete I was so impressed with how thoughtful he was—he was unassuming, helpful, kind, courteous, fun, and just a nice guy to be around. He never seemed to have any reluctance in befriending the older generation, and that meant a lot... (read more)

My memories of Pete

By Joy (30)

I lived with Pete for nearly three years in Portugal and got to know him fairly well during that time. We were friends and talked a fair bit. He was a nice guy. He was very interested in psychology and higher education, and when he eventually left to... (read more)

He was kind, thoughtful of others and helpful

By Natasha

When I first met Pete, he and Techi had come to visit the kids in our Family Home. One thing that stood out to me was how thoughtful and kind he was to Techi and the children. When they were playing a game together he preferred her and the others to... (read more)

He was sacrificial with his time

By Matthew

One thing that stood out to me about Pete when I lived with him was that he was always so obliging and willing to do the dirty jobs (he was a handyman) and to work long hours, even sometimes going without dinner until the job was finished and always... (read more)

He had such a cheerful, bright, uplifting and happy spirit

By Michael

I didn’t meet Pete very many times but the few times I did I really liked him a lot. He seemed to be a very special boy, bright, light-hearted, and the quality that probably affected me the most was his love toward people, his tendency to try to... (read more)

You could count on him

By Francis (35)

Pete and I lived together for a couple of years, and we also went on a memorable three-month trip together to visit all the Family Homes in Russia—prior to the first time he moved to the mission field. Pete and I got along pretty well—he was a... (read more)

He prayed beautiful prayers

By Misty

While I lived with Pete for a number of years, I didn’t know him super well. He was a man of few words; he was rather private. But the things that stand out to me about those four years we lived together were the following: ... (read more)

He was an ideal student

By Adam

I knew Pete off and on when he was growing up. One year we even built a house together in the Philippines, Pete, his dad, and I. We basically transformed a large two or three room hut into a seven-bedroom house. It took us eleven months to do it, but... (read more)

The things we most appreciated …

By Lorie (29)

Shortly before Pete and Nicole (Elixcia) left our Home to move to the mission field, we had an appreciation party for them. For the occasion, people in our Home wrote up some short paragraphs expressing how we felt about them, which we then either... (read more)

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